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How To Create A Video Cover Letter

Reasons why you are here…

As a job seeker you realize that video technology presents you with an opportunity to stand out, showcase your personality and professionalism. Our goal is to provide you with convenient innovative tools and resources to help you get the job you want. For more information view our jobseeker video

As an employer you are looking for efficiencies in your hiring process. You are looking at incorporating video technology as an effective and efficient way to evaluate your candidates. We value your time and our goal is to give you an ability to quickly meet and successfully pre-screen candidates, before making the decision to bring them in for an interview and ultimately hire your best candidate. For more information view our employer video

Ways you can use our free services…

As an employer you’ll have an ability to post jobs and showcase employer videos to seek out your best candidates. Once job seekers apply you can view candidate’s minute long video cover letter before viewing their accomplishments, experience and qualifications. Flag, rate and bank their resumes for future considerations, schedule and conduct interviews and hire the most talented, qualified and motivated candidate you are looking for.

As a job seeker you’ll have an opportunity to produce your personal profile with a video cover letter and personalized QR code. Search and apply for the jobs you want using your profile. You can also view, block and track employers visiting your profile as you see fit. Show up for an online interview and get the job you want.

Our ultimate goal is to engage our employers and jobseekers to create a win/win situation for everyone. And remember our services are absolutely free for both our employers and jobseekers!